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America first policy:  George Washington understood America first was the primary policy of the United States of America at the founding.  When the French, after helping us win our war of independence, petitioned Washington for assistance in their war for liberty.  President Washington said “The United States would not entangle itself in the affairs of other nations”.  This was the case then and should be the case in the present as well.

America First


I believe that life begins at conception. Our nation, since Roe v. Wade, has battled this policy for decades. I believe in solving the problem not creating one. Once elected to Congress, I will always vote in favor of life. There, in my humble opinion, is no other vote. This should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. This should be an issue that ALL Christians and people of Faith can come together on.

How is free foreign aid to hostile countries in the best interest of the United States?  How do Universities teaching Pro Communism get government funds and why would the federal government allow student loan money to be used for tuition at these schools?  Congress has gotten use to spending other people’s money for decades, this must stop.  Make them spend money only on projects that America can afford and justify, with cost cutting in other areas.

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