Second Amendment

Many policy makers in DC want to take or limit our right to bear arms. The Second Amendment was put in place to assure that our government upholds our constitutional freedoms. If we are unarmed we cannot defend our families against foreign or domestic terrorists. I will support responsible firearm handling training programs for citizens and vote NO to any infringements on American access to firearms, firearm components and ammunition.


In the guise of the need to change our energy dependencies, this current administration has been shutting down oil production and processing in our country. The actual impact of these orders has already resulted in job and industry losses as well as a massive fuel cost increase.

 In addition to causing undo suffering upon Americans, this radical policy change is creating a deepening dependency on our resource needs from hostile nations. This leaves us vulnerable to involvement in foreign wars.  

Until we have developed and produced alternatives to meet the needs of the American people, we must wisely continue to access our own oil supplies. I will always support American dependency upon her own resources!


We allow dangerous individuals across our borders. Cartels are running fentanyl and trafficking humans for sexual exploitation. Allowing these activities to pervade in the US is not only threatening to our core values in America, but it is threatening to the lives and livelihoods of our citizens.

Every person who comes into our country must go through a legal screening process in order to prove they will not be a threat to our American citizens.

 I will stand for securing our borders, finishing the wall project and a return to following the immigration laws. Then I will work to help create a point system in order to bring in those who can add value to America.

Term Limits

We have too many career politicians who use their positions in order to serve their own interests. Instead of casting their votes in favor of the American people, they are lining their pockets with lobbyist dollars while pushing their own agendas. We need “every day citizens” to represent us - those who know what it is like to live in our country and are in office for a short time only as a civil service.

 In order to avoid the self-serving law maker, I will work to establish TERM LIMITS in our House and Senate!

 I, along with other America First candidates, have signed a pledge to commit to 3 terms in Congress and 2 terms in the Senate. Once in office, we can push this initiative forward and pass term limits into law!


In this past decade, we have had an explosive increase in citizens not being able to acquire appropriate housing. Government agencies have tried to step in with affordable housing projects, needle programs or encampments. None of these projects have proven successful so far.

On the other hand, Faith based drug and alcohol counseling, mental health programs, skills development, and affordable housing efforts have shown to have high success rates for helping individuals overcome what stands in the way of them and a viable livelihood.

In addition to incentives for reducing property taxes in Washington State and holding some medical professionals accountable for their opioid trade,  I will support programs that are run by local faith-based communities who have proven to be better equipped plus more successful in assisting individual needs.

America First


Many of our current policies are hurting Washington State and American trade, jobs, and military position.

I will cast my vote only after looking at the implications of each bill that is proposed through a lens of what is best for our Nation.

Economy, Taxes & Jobs

Our government causes a lack of financial freedom, resulting in us relying on their programs because they take more money than necessary from our hardworking citizens. This increases government spending. We also outsource an excessive amount of our labor and industry. Countless well-managed companies end up moving away due to the heavy tax burdens currently placed on businesses. This costs us our jobs, industries and resource independence. In turn, we suffer from a lack of skilled workers from high labor costs.

Instead of bailing out large corporations who make poor management decisions, I favor lowering federal taxes for small companies and creating more funding for business development incentives that keep our industries here. I also support reducing tax burdens on our citizens while using tariffs to help fund what is needed to run our governmental agencies, services and programs. Tariffs will assist us in creating industry and jobs in America as we rely more on our own resources and production. I will create incentives for states to develop their own competitive regionally valid trades programs in our High Schools and Post-Secondary settings.


Our government has been using the pandemic as an excuse to overreach into our personal lives. Their unsubstantiated mandates are destroying our health, economy and mental well-being.

Once in office, I will propose a bill to restrict each state from implementing any mandate without the due process their legal systems afford.


Too often abortion has been used as birth control in our country. Exterminating our unborn for convenience undermines the fundamental value of human life. When our people become “disposable” this creates moral decline, affecting how we value ourselves and how we value others. Moral decline leads to immoral behavior.

Every unborn child is a human being. Therefore, they have value and I will fight for all to have life and liberty! 

Many people are ready and willing to adopt a child and often travel to other countries to do so while abortions are simultaneously being performed in America.

I will vote to defund Planned Parenthood and propose an increase in supporting local government offerings of alternative services to help support parents of unexpected pregnancies while at the same time assisting couples wanting to adopt by easing adoption processes.

Foreign Affairs

Often the US gets involved in other nation’s issues that are not related to any direct concern of our nation while simultaneously overlooking crimes against humanity being committed by other nations. This is reflected in how the Biden administration is attempting to sanction Ethiopia’s new elected officials by threatening their UN positions if they do not give up their rights to build a water dam for their own energy needs.  All of the while, this same administration is turning a blind eye to the blatant human abuse, including live human organ harvesting practices, in China.

 I strongly support the US staying out of the business of sovereign nations unless it is activity that clearly violates fundamental human rights.


The Chinese Communist Party has been pushing their world-wide take over agenda and they are going after America. One tactic they have is their “Belt and Road Initiative” where they purchase and control resources from other nations. Currently the CCP is buying up massive tracts of farmland in the US. This will keep us dependent upon them for our greatest need: Food!  

I will support tariffs on Chinese imports and restrictions on land acquisitions from hostile nations. I will work to create incentives for local resource development, local dependency and support our farmers to keep their own lands.


Many of our public school curriculums are teaching our children Marxist values, gender confusion and critical race theory. Our public education has no business influencing our children in these matters. Parents need to have full agency to teach their own values and religious practices to their children. We need education that focuses on developing competitive skills, providing our kids with viable futures. 

I will work to eliminate Marxist curriculums in our public education systems. I will push for a voucher system, that includes charter schools, to give parents more freedom in their child's education.

Family Values

Our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian understanding that we were all created with the inherent freedom to be able to serve and worship our God in a way that is defined by our individual cultures. The role of the family is to replicate value systems that define and support morality and therefore support moral behavior in a society as a whole.

The Marxist agenda is being used to undermine the credibility of the family establishment by introducing establishments that deviate from the core values of all cultures. These alternate value systems turn children's hearts from the ways of their parents.  Once the family’s moral system is broken down, it creates room for a new religious order that is established by the “state”.

I will support policies that allow families the freedom to practice their own value systems, and defund programs that undermine individual family values.