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It was so breathtaking when my wife and I moved to Washington State over a decade ago with our four children. To live in such a beautiful place with beaches close by and the mountains visible all around was a dream come true. The citizens smiled big friendly smiles. They'd spark up a conversation with anybody. My love for this State was instantaneous as my family and I were welcomed with arms wide open.

Growing up, my family lived in Wisconsin for some time without running water or electricity. My two brothers and I were beyond grateful to receive day-old bread as well as hand-me-down clothing. We were raised to be humble. Having a poor upbringing fueled my motivation to pursue my dreams. I refused to let it hold me back.

As a young man, I worked my way up in the tool and die trades. Later, I added night school to earn training in mechanical engineering. Through all of my hard work and dedication, I finally received my Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology while working a full-time job to support my family.

Working for many small and large companies in the State gave me the confidence to branch out even further. I began taking on freelance work while also designing my own inventions. Over the years, my machine shop grew enough so I could create a business where I could be my own boss. Now, while running my congressional campaign, I work in my machine shop on the days I'm not driving to events and meeting the citizens of the PNW.

It has been my pleasure to teach students the trades at our community colleges, including Everett. To inspire youth to chase their dreams – to help build others up – is a passion of mine. They are our future after all. In my teachings, I always take the opportunity to not only help students learn tool and die making, but also learn the importance of our American History and how we all need to stay a part of what is happening in our government and communities. Many of my students loved learning about our wonderful Nation's history.

Being that American History is a passion of mine, I can't help notice (like many of you) that we have slowly slipped away from being a Nation that supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For your sake and mine, for our children and theirs and the generations to come, and the world we live in, I cannot sit by and allow America to be taken over by the career politicians with their dangerous agendas!

I am fully devoted to helping maintain and restore Washington State to a land of liberty for all. With your help, we can make this happen. No longer can any of us sit on the sidelines while our elected officials corrupt our Nation! Your support is critical to ensure our children and grandchildren live as our Founding Fathers dreamed. I love our Nation. I love our State. Together we will start a movement that reignites our Founders' vision of a Nation ruled by its people.